Our role



Support and Services are Swedish EMC pioneers. Business operations begun in the 1970s and was started as the result of EMC service requests made by the Swedish Armed Forces. We have handled various designs and EMC problems since then, both military and civilian, and this has given us vast experience. We claim to be one of Sweden’s premier competence centers within the field of EMC solutions.


Support and Services offers flexible consultation services. We are also regarding when and where we can offer our measuring services. When working in our shielded enclosures and laboratories, we have easy access to workshop resources and component storage. This allows us to quickly modify the measured object as required. The ability to try various solutions for solving an EMC problem in a satisfactory way (with equal regard to both functionality and economy) is often of considerable value. Our flexibility during the measuring procedure is to the advantage of the customer as we can provide immediate suggestions on possible product alteration.


Support and Services shall be a reliable partner within the field of electronic environment to the companies that consult us. Through a long-term commitment we will get to know the products and personnel of customer, allowing for faster solutions to the EMC problems that can arise when a product is developed further.


Inspection of the EMC properties of a product is often done at an early stage of the development process. Thus, the integrity and security requirements put upon the supplier of EMC measuring are high. Support and Services, as a company, has long-standing experience of assignments for the Swedish Armed Forces, among other. We have extensive knowledge and effective routines regarding security and observing professional secrecy.