Resources Östersund

The primary resource of Support and Services is our competent and experienced staff. Our EMC engineers have extensive knowledge of electronics and mechanics. They are EMC specialists with broad practical experience. Together, we form a qualified expertise within the field of EMC. We can offer our customers professional and total economic solutions for assignments, both large and small.

Shielded enclosures

A shielded enclosure is a requirement for EMC measuring. Our shielded rooms offer suitable measuring ranges and have excellent shielding capabilities. We have two semi-anechoic shielded enclosures and a shielded enclosure that can be used as a reverberation chamber.

Open Area Test Site

We have an open area test site outside of our main facility. It has been fitted with a roof and can be heated. The test site is primarily used for emission measuring in accordance with European standards.

Mobile Testing Resource

The use of a shielded room is not always possible. Very large objects and installations are examples of this. In these cases, Support and Services have the ability to visit the customer with a specially equipped truck, allowing for various types of on-site measuring.